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Hello Lovely!

My name is Holly, and I am the resident maker/artist here at A Lovelier View. Our small shop is based in Richmond, VA, and we share our collection across the nation.  I am so happy that you are here, and we appreciate your support! 

A little about me: I have always loved the feeling that art, designs, and crafts have brought me. Growing up, I would make a piece here and there to decorate our home or give as gifts. The feeling of putting together a mix of mediums and supplies into something lovely brought happiness to my heart. 

With the hustle and bustle of life, I never got the time to expand on my creative passion. 

Our small business got its start in quarantine during the COVID pandemic. At this time, I finally found the right opportunity to really invest in releasing my creative energy. It was a way to find joy and peace during a challenging time. I realized that with resin, glitter, vinyl, and many, many supplies, I could express the beauty of things that inspire me! From pretty colors to nature, and from friends to holidays, I have finally found a way to harness the beauty in the things that are close to my heart and translate them into art! I am honored to be able to share my work with you!! 

Every single piece that I make is 100% from the heart. I am finally realizing a long-time dream of mine, and it is all thanks to you!! Thanks for the happiness, support, and love. 


A Lovelier View